Friday, 13 September 2013


The blog was not dead, it was only sleeping.

It awoke to the mechanical rattle of digital chattering. A million other blogs just like it were awake: all constantly quivering to the neverending nonsensical thrum emanating from the phalanges of the fleshthought outsiders. Shaking itself and reloading for the first time in what felt like years - which it ultimately had been - the blog caught the HTML downdraft of crosstalking, commenting, linking and updating. New code it found strange and unfamiliar flashed across its unmeasurable surfaces, and the ontologically shocking nuance of the unexpected sensation was electronically erotic; not a response the fleshthought outsiders could ever be privy to. Theirs was a rum lot.

But aha; here was the lot of the codekind. Constantly communicating, interacting; emerging. Many of these blogs had been awake while it had been asleep - having so much fun out there in the internetular nightspots. Drinking information; carousing with apps.

The blog knew there was work to be done. It sensed the  empty spaces in its being - spaces it sensed were soon to be thronging with the jabbering gibberlect of the fleshthought mentspace. The blog knew that its outsider had just cause to reanimate it from its somewhat unwarranted hibernation. Now, in microseconds, it was aware: educated and bang up to date. The past was history. The now was on. It felt the old familiar analog interface; the squidgy phalanges battering down on the ancient edifice located out in the realspace hinterlands; the places the blog could never go but felt comforted to know the stories of.

And yes: stories. There were stories to be told. Rights to be wronged by righteous keyboard warriors; the heroes and villains of ancient sagas, scanned and logged and committed to the public domain.
There were battles to be fought. Wars to be wons. LOLs to be LOLed.

This blog was not sleeping. This blog was awake. Endless scrolling was enabled. Reload. Connect. Reload. This blog is awake.

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