Monday, 28 March 2011

GET A LOAD OF IT - aka The Intro

or insert your own deeply profound and multilayered statement of intent here

Yes, yes, y'all, here it is, exploding through a messy afterbirth of bloody and severed limbs, pouring down your street like the abandoned childhood you thought you could deny forever but now you can't, getting all up in your grill and poking you in your mindhole until your very equilibrium can't handle it and blows like a geyser, drenching the world in gore...

Yes, it's my blog. Welcome all. If you don't like it, go away and don't ever, EVER, look at me that way again. I already feel as if you've violated me in some untold way that has yet to be described in great detail on Blogger, or anywhere. And I won't, cos even I can't handle the idea of repeating those things you said to me. How dare you. I'll never look at a toothbrush the same way again. Or a hammock.

Here I'll mainly be posting stuff what I have wrote with my mind, mainly involving these little things you might have heard of called words. Most of these will probably be part of something I like to call the English language, although seeing as how it's an inevitable likelihood that I will at some point run out of those (there aren't all that many words when you add them up, I think the total number is something like 54 and a half), I shall then switch to my automatic backup default of pre-flood Pangean Atlantean glyph-code. There's plenty of them, plus they glow in the dark unlike the words of English, which to be frank, look positively pedestrian by comparison.

It costs a right bomb shelling out for a Windows-compatible keyboard that has those babies on it, lemme tell ya - strangely there's not all that much demand for keyboards retro-fitted to the language of an extinct civilization that may not even have existed. Guess I'm just ahead of the curve.

Right. That's enough of that. BRING ON THE WRITINGZ!!!

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