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Crunching the Super-Narrative – the Strange Case of James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince (of Lies) - Part 2 of 2

Tonight, the part of James Casbolt’s clone will be played by a young Tim Robbins.


To the best of my knowledge – and in the gap of 5-or-so years between his first two interviews with Miles Johnston – James Casbolt,  who at some point along the way had started to do some more radio interviews and was becoming known by his other name Michael Prince, became ‘discredited’ in certain online conspiracy circles. Given that he had never provided any genuine concrete proof or evidence of anything in the first place, one can only wonder exactly how such a thing could happen.
Back in early 2007 (I am basing my dates here according to comments on an old Above Top Secret forum discussing this matter) Casbolt posted a number of images on his now-defunct website, which he offered as evidence of his claims with regards to alien contact and cover-ups. Some of these images started to circulate around the usual fringe ends of the internet. I don’t personally recall seeing all of these images, but according to Miles Johnston and other online commenters  (who are often the anonymous experts on these occasions), most of them were very quickly debunked as either pre-existing UFO pics – some of these, I believe being from the super-credible Meier/Adamski canon – or screen grabs from episodes of The X-Files and other sci-fi shows. According to a commenter on the ATS forum, Casbolt’s supposedly real photos of the interior of Dulce Base – which had apparently been passed on to him by high-up secret government sources – were swiftly identified as being from a perfectly innocuous underground subway in Stockholm, Sweden. Casbolt had either been very gullible in trusting his sources – as he later claims in the video interviews – or extremely  disingenuous in posting the pictures in the first instance.
Another image attributed to Casbolt – of an allegedly Annunaki being named ‘Lord Enlil’ – was soon identified as being a slightly altered image of Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former United States National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter. What was so terrifyingly alien about the image? Brzezinski’s eyes had been digitally slanted and shrunk down, to make them look weird and creepy. One has to wonder how this image fooled the keen assassin’s eye of Casbolt himself.

“First The Project For The New American Century gets out and now this.”

A far more interesting – though similarly debunked – image shows a profile shot of a peculiarly-hued woman who has either green or bright white skin color depending on the image you happen to have stumbled across. For some reason (no, I know the reason – it’s a reason called ‘the internet’) the image seems frequently to be tagged as being that of an Annunaki-reptilian hybrid – despite the text box attached to the image describing the species as a ‘Nordic’ or ‘Tall White’ – in other words, the typical humanoid-looking and vaguely Scandinavian-in-appearance contactee-loving space people of yore. Looking beyond the flattened catlike nose, Hitler hairdo and eerily menacing glare of this alien woman, one is struck by a strange impression: she looks like one of those blank-eyed, bony-featured supermodels you can see images of online, wearing peculiar outfits seemingly not designed for humans. Indeed, an ATS forum on this image quickly ID’d this extraterrestrial visitor as a likely Photoshopping of a Polish model named Anja Rubik. There’s every possibility a great many catwalk models are actually Nordic Tall Whites… but I suspect that’s a heated discussion to be left for another day.

When super models go vegan.

Both of these images came with textual references to an organization going by the acronym SAALM. This, we are led to believe, stands for ‘Supreme Annunaki Alliance of Lord Marduk.’ despite some nonsensical detail about it online – which Casbolt was also unsurprisingly associated with – needless to say, no such organization exists. (Unless it actually does. In which case, I will obviously wind up looking like a right proper fool one day.)
So. At some point after his general debunking at the cynical hands of the internet – or at least in the eyes of anyone who was paying his story any cursory attention – Casbolt appeared to disappear from the conspiracy sphere of the online world. As someone who had found his wild tales mildly diverting, I assumed he was done with whatever wool he was pulling and had retired from his parapolitical prankery for good.
But then, in 2011, Casbolt made his return. His story remained largely intact, but had now taken on a number of new dimensions. Let’s look at some more aspects of how this epic has developed, as laid out by Casbolt in his Bases 9 interview – which was released in mid-2011 – and the far lengthier and more in-depth Bases 23, conducted between England and America via Skype, which hit the intrawebs a few weeks ago. The 2011 interview sees some of Casbolt’s more racially-fixated ideas begin to leak out which would be fully laid out in the recent session: as he refers to ‘The Odinist Fellowship,’ whose plan for the human race is to perpetuate endless warfare via Nazi brainwashing and assassination. More on this in a moment. But first, another brain-boggling claim from the Casbolt interviews….

It’s Lawrence of Arabia–I mean Supriem Rockefeller.

Apparently, there’s another guy out there who looks exactly like James Casbolt. Or, more precisely, someone who is an actual clone of him. This Casbolt doppelganger is Supriem Rockefeller – the alleged son of banker David Rockefeller. A man who, like Casbolt, has supposedly made some elaborate claims about being the antichrist who is set to soon usher in the End Times. Some cursory internet investigation suggests that this younger Rockefeller-cum-Lucifer Casbolt refers to is not related to that well-known family in any way and is actually a conman and smalltime crook from Louisiana called Kris Raynes. A number of photographs online that are purportedly of ‘Supriem’ appear to show one of either two things: that Raynes/Rockefeller bears a quite uncanny resemblance to Casbolt/Prince – or that these pictures of Raynes/Rockefeller are simply staged photos of Casbolt/Prince purporting to be Supriem – a further two aliases for Casbolt to add to his list.
Is one a creation of the other? And if so, which of these four identities is real, and which are fake? Believe it or not, two book-length texts exist online about this Supriem character alone – neither of which appear to make any reference to his resemblance to Casbolt or their corresponding talk of occult bloodlines and antichrist claims. This whole twist in Casbolt’s tale seems designed to create further cognitive dissonance – and throw up more unanswerable questions in the mind of anyone (such as myself) foolish enough to attempt to delve into it.
I really can‘t go into everything that’s in these videos. You could always watch them yourself. Bases 23 itself comprises four parts, and is nearly four hours in length. Watching the most recent 4-hour session, it appears Casbolt’s relocation to the United States and time in the army has brought about some changes for him. Once slight in figure, he has bulked up considerably and now has the look of a bodybuilder, or nightclub bouncer. He also has a frequent and pronounced smirk as he speaks, which marks a noticeable change from his previous interviews, where he was almost completely emotionless in his delivery.
Six minutes into this interview you find out he’s actually the chosen vessel for Lucifer. Or at least, some people think he is, if they’re not thinking it’s Supriem Rockefeller. Jesus, Lucifer, and Thor are all one and the same person – the Illuminati messiah – and Casbolt is one of the elite 42 individuals selected by the evil powers-that-be to become the antichrist spoken of in ancient religious texts.
Fourth Reich Nazis are attacking the ‘racial melting pot’ of the United States, and there is a forthcoming nuclear strike planned for the American Midwest. Casbolt has chased an alien wolf in Malaysia, rogue werewolves in South America and hunted an ‘octoform’ in England. He has an ET-tech gun which he calls ’Drago’ and uses this to assassinate cyborgs. It fires bullets which ‘are blessed by something to do with the Vatican.’
While training with the US Army (of which he claims to have been a member throughout 2012, although there appears to be no actual evidence of this) he used the Spear of Destiny to levitate. He also clarifies that the Forth Reich are ancient Reptilian cyborgs with cloned human skin. Oh – and there are several time-traveling cyborg clones of him. And he has a photograph taken recently of his military buddies standing with a man who might be Albert Einstein. There’s psychics opening jump gates to travel through time and space. He has cybernetic enhancements which relate to his Odinist bloodline, which are made out of a cold fusion alloy mined on Iapetus, one of Saturn’s moons. Casbolt was sent there to find this alloy, which is where he came into direct conflict with giant diamond spiders, which are what you might expect them to be from that description. Cybernetic reptilian limbs are sent through time by Knights Templar in 1812, to be grafted onto human super soldiers in either the present day, or the future of 2212. All of this adds up to the overall Nazi plot to depopulate the Earth, ship all the non-Aryan people off-world to some other place, and create a paradise planet where everyone walks around naked having orgies all the time. Yep, that’s actually what’s going to happen. Hitler surely would have approved. Oh – but then, he will probably drop by to see this glorious new Reich for himself once it‘s been fully implemented. Seeing as how he’s still alive and living somewhere near Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation. (That is probably one of the least mad factoids Casbolt comes out with.)
Casbolt’s bloodline is massively important to this whole saga. He explains that he can trace his ancestry back to  the Spartans, the earliest Freemasons, the tribes of Dan, the Merovingians and Atlantis. The Illuminati, as Casbolt delineates it, is comprised of two warring bloodlines: the Jewish Zionists descended from King David and Jesus, and the Fourth Reich Aryans who are white Aryans descended from Odin.
As to what side of the fence he’s on with regards to the two sides of ‘the war’… well, that seems a mite tricky to pin down. In his first interview from 2006, he alludes to Jewish ancestry and wears the Star of David. Only now, explicitly discussing the agenda of the Fourth Reich Aryan Odinist Nazis (to give them their full title) Casbolt seems now to be aligned with whoever these modern far-right occultists are. Here’s a brief quote from him – or, at least, someone alleging to be him – from his participation on a forum discussing his claims on David Icke’s website: “But the Jew always thrives off the back of another person’s work like a parasite.”
Yup. This poster professing to be Casbolt was recently suspended from the forum due to his persistent and offensive racist diatribes. I guess you know you’re making a mark on the conspiracy scene if even David Icke’s people think you’re a bit extreme.
Casbolt goes on to better explain the Jewish Zionist agenda on film – and I quote him now, from Bases 23, part one:  “The Jew wanted to give the Black in America prestige, like in the areas of sports and entertainment and that was purposefully socially engineered so the Black could get prestige and interbreed with White women and the plan was to submerge White blood by mixing the races.”
He then goes on to refer to ‘Vril power in the blood’ and claims the Jewish plot to bring about apocalyptic race war is laid out in the protocols of the elders of Zion – not stopping for a second to acknowledge the fact that this notorious anti-Semitic document was proven to be a racist hoax which was picked up on and used as propaganda by the Nazi party during World War II.
A lot of Casbolt’s ideas at this point seem to be very heavily derived from the writings of Helena Blavatsky, particularly with regards to her ideas about ‘root races.’ A word of warning – theosophy is probably not the best place to go if you want to learn about racial politics.
A month or so ago, I was alerted to the fact that Casbolt had an account on Facebook. Taking a look at his wall and postings, there didn’t seem to be anything unusual to note – there was very little reference made to his video claims and most of the posting seemed more to do with his recently completed tour of duty in the US army. Checking back a few days later though, I noticed post after post presumably written by Casbolt himself (or, perhaps, one of his mind-controlled ‘alter’ personalities) containing screeds of absolutely blatant, inflammatory, extremist-Neo-Nazi-type commentary. For all Casbolt usually seems to remain more or less impartial with regards to his take on ‘the race issue,’  there was little ambiguity to be worked through in these Facebook comments. Perhaps fortuitously to my cause – and as I was already compiling notes for this article – I cropped some of his declarations for posterity. According to these statements on his Facebook wall, any person who wasn’t White should bow down and serve him. Women were inferior to men and should only exist ‘to pleasure their husbands in the bedroom.’ He also went on to call all Black people ‘jungle bunnies’ and ‘a genetic accident due to interbreeding with monkeys.’
A few days after these postings, Casbolt’s Facebook account had been shut down. I have no knowledge of why.
The issue of culturally available scripts needs to be addressed again. Casbolt’s whole story reads like a cobbled-together collage of any number of fictional sci-fi narratives. If some talented writers were to reassemble the super soldier material and the drama of the Illuminati bloodline war, then they’d be on to a smash hit in whatever medium the narrative was disseminated. But then – isn’t that exactly what’s happening here?
Given his professed Norse heritage, mightn’t Loki the trickster-god perhaps be working through Casbolt, helping to accelerate the novelty? Are we witnessing the birthing of a new mythology here? One that will swallow up occult Nazism, global lizard takeover, grey alien abduction and every other twist and turn of conspiracy lore?
Or has Casbolt been fed contradicting timelines and philosophies, with no one taking the time to explain to him that they when crashed together, these narratives wouldn’t all pan out and gel coherently together, like real stuff in real life? Is he a patsy, now compromised by the conspiracy, another Bill Cooper, Paul Bennewitz, or Bob Lazar figure? Are anonymous parties taking advantage of Casbolt’s possible mental illness, and providing him with ‘exclusive’ information that props up, justifies, and reinforces his warped worldview? Maybe he was loony before he started releasing his ‘life story’ – but now he’s even loonier in a different fashion.
Casbolt appears now to draw every little snippet of his script from UFO and alien conspiracy hyperbole, far-right extremist rhetoric, religious, mystical and occult lore, pop culture undercurrents and multifarious fringe ideologies all stemming from the last few hundred years of human history and just ties it all up… and puts a big bow on top.
So. Where’s the root truth? Maybe some of what Casbolt, Stanga, and others say is true, I hear you wonder. But how can we separate fact from fiction, truth from lies? I think that’s the key problem. You can’t. There’s simply too much of this to parse. Any actual potential nuggets of truth get lost in the layers of mental illness, thinly-veiled bigotry, made-up stuff and sucked-up cultural disinfo.
Indeed, the immense epic Casbolt presents sees him suggesting at one point in the most recent interview that the Marvel superhero movies of the last few years were in fact based on the government programs that were designed years before to turn him into a cyborg super spy. Alas, Casbolt may perhaps be genuinely unaware of the fact that the super-powered likes of the X-Men and their ilk have been around in comics since the 60’s. Similarly, when Miles Johnston raises the perhaps obvious synchronicity of the number 42 figuring in the elite’s plans being a number that is used for great comic effect in Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Casbolt claims to have never heard of the joke that ‘42’ is the answer to life, the universe and everything. Which came first, the chicken or… the story about the chicken?
But – to Devil’s Advocate this up again – assuming every word is true – what can any of us do about it all? Casbolt offers no solutions to this saga of terror, other than warning that we’ve got roughly 20 years left till the full plan comes to fruition. Prince of Clowns or Prince of Lies, Prince Casbolt shrugs his way out of it, consistently using phrases like ‘I think,’ ‘I believe so,’ and ‘I believe’ (although given that there’s less discussion of bases here, he seems no longer to be so ‘basically’ minded)  – as if even he’s not really sure of how all the puzzle pieces in this lumbering timeline of Draconian deeds and ubermensch Sturm un Drang fit together. We merely follow him, plunging ever further into this primal, Jungian Shadow-side of the alien phenomenon, awaiting apocalypse or worse.
You can take into account certain factors relating to the solidification of this super-narrative. It seems likely that it has in some way been squashed into a more coherent shape in recent years by the ever-advancing algorithms of the internet and the proliferation of such extensive testimony of unverified – and unverifiable – eyewitnesses to high strangeness – both credible and incredible. Eventually, the online linking and clicking of the worried and dispossessed draw the conflicting and contradictory threads and tangents of the stories closer together; until the point when they begin to knit, intersect and become almost indistinguishable from one another, like a beautiful but mad patchwork quilt threaded together from a million different types of material.
And this is where we stand now with the problem of ufology: right in the middle of a world where Nordic space sisters, baby-eating Reptiloids, time-traveling space Nazis, cyborg super soldiers, cloned Grey MILABs,  9/11, JFK and religious cover-ups are all part of the same epic, Ragnarokian, comic book End Times crossover.
We must protect ourselves from the assimilating evil of the super-narrative. It would be wise to find our own answers and try to keep them simple and true.
But if you ever find yourself battling giant spiders on one of Saturn’s moons, don’t worry. That is just a dream.
Colin Reid is a writer with a long-held interest in paranormal, fringe and ufological topics. He does various things in the world and he might have a novel coming out this year. He will also soon be video-blogging his own actual thoughts out into the wider world of the internet. He can be contacted via Facebook where he uses his mind-controlled alter-personality name of Colin Spiderboris Reid.

(Credit is due to Project Psycube and the members of the Altered-Soldier Facebook group for invaluable research assistance and support during the writing of this article.)

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