Monday, 18 January 2016

Psychogeographical Field Trip - City Construct: Eden Burrow



Transtemporal mission log - uploaded by Chronosentry Quinsar (Cydonia node of Psycojog Empire).

The primary outcome of this incursion onto enemy territory is to assess opportunities for Psycojog invasion of the humanoid construct designated ‘City: Eden Burrow.’ Ideally this will take the form of a stealth-mode invasion across time. Chronosentry lensfindings follow.

(For the purposes of this datablink, the 5 highlighted lenses afford an associative and interconnected cross-section of City in question. Achromatic eight-in-one flashthrough is operational.) 

Mission objective is to identify who will kill the city in the future. Focalized precogging has predicted a multipossible that the city will-and-will-not be destroyed in 2113. A floating undecidable. Many coggers could not handle and selfploded. Now will attempt transtemporal analysis of city health to discover overall fate.

1. Beginning exploration of humanoid construct Eden Burrow. Coordinates locked on to supposed locus of humanoid control mechanisms, ‘Scottish Parliament.’ Also detonation point of Chromobomb that is believed to have destroyed city. Fixed-point touchdown briefly coincides with nightcycle. Cityghost presence strong - one of many warring factions and potential enemy obstructions in city. Many different messages of control are being sent. Engaging psychic countermeasures. Will be necessary to advance interaction with other transtemporal spirit entities.

2. Cityghosts flee to mass around parliament locus. A mechanical island fallen from the sky in the future, a crashed and smouldering wreck. This is ground zero of the blast radius. Cityghosts mine it for intent. They are unseen by the humatons but are constantly at war with them, seeking to obstruct their progress - muddling their message. Being of Small Time, the humatons on this plane operate only as biowalkers - unable to see beyond clockstopped limitations of their realm. Those of Big Time walk above and battle always for supremacy.

3. First signs of biowalker technology designed to obstruct carporters - native vehicular intelligences of city. Also first forthcoming evidence of runespeak - primitive higher language of biowalker mystics. Appropriate use of runespeak allows for basic biowalker access to Big Time consciousness. Nearby at ‘palace of royalty’ there is little indication of consciousness. 

4. Talkboard ‘Everyone home safe every day’ reassures biowalkers that ‘you are here.’ Cognitive dissonance is achieved through deployment of contradictory phrase ‘Can’t: level.’

5. Early signs of city breakage. Ground level is infirm. Wounds in stone flesh attract tubefeeders and cellular infection spreads.

6. CIGS: runespeak acrospell conjured by solitary biowalker mystic. Stands for Cohesive Integrated Gigantic Smashface. I have no further data on this.

7. Speedworm overlane. Talkboard communicating futureslipped message predicts eventual of fate overlane: ‘GIVE WAY.’

8. ‘PERMIT’ runespeak. Allows biowalker passage down assigned travellanes. Big Time intelligences are mainly responsibly for implementation of language-based control systems.


9. Having strayed from its designated safe-territories, a balanceboard is time-murdered for attempted lanecrossing. Balanceboards are not permitted to perambulate.

10. Greenfeelers feed on the decaying carcass of an oldpass; re-wiring its travel coordinates. 

11.  Cargo-cult mechanoids, recovered by biowalkers and erected in paean to long-extinct sky-gods.

12. Nuugrafficks engage in slow-time conflict with elder surfaces. The result is a near-permanent stalemate of colour chaos.

13. Deceased Talkboard. Killed by excessive sensitivity to carporter motion.

14. Further extant manifestations of biowalker runespeak.

15. Native animal spirits, summoned via nuugraffick ritual, guard passing humanoids from malicious cityghost intent.

16. Activation of central city defences at site of neverending conflict called ‘Leaf War.’ Designated causal disaster zone. 

17. Armoured buildings attempt to protect their pastselves from cityghost reprogramming. Counter-intuitive interdimensional malware hacks and infects oldstone with self-replicating glassteel nanotech which regenerates city edifices into strange new forms - which echo past impressions without resembling them exactly.

18. Here buildings become sad and detach from gravitational constraints. This ongoing contradiction of time is predicted to cause a chain reaction and culminate in a self-haunting citydeath event in 2113 that will completely annihilate and permanently remove the temporal image of Eden Burrow from the prima worldarc.

19. Walls burn with runespeak layers, illustrating the conflicts of City. Being themselves negative astral imprints of unresolved humaton though processes, the cityghosts are perpetually locked into a cyclical deathmatch with the environment that originally created them - which continues to endure, persist and evolve where they cannot. As it attempts to evolve naturally in co-creation with biowalkers, carporters and other more benevolent spirit intelligences, the indelible shadow of cityghost thought re-writes, overwrites or deletes its memory of earlier versions. 

20. Cybrid Elefffant infantry defend the region on behalf of cityghosts. Henceforth, the cityghosts’ ultimate attacking goal is the deletion of the cityheart at the height of miles: the Remembering Stone Which Endures And Protects City. This wrongtime energy manifests itself as City tries to cloak itself from ghost attack. It is present in the travellane-dwelling biowalkers - many of their number cast adrift by soul mismanagement. Primarily it is in the disruption; drilling, hammering, beeping. Ebb and flow. Noise of City is noise of its beginning and end. 

21. cityghosts have a constant presence and police the travellanes by means of their stopgo system. Stopgos are limited-capacity AIs tasked only with mediating between the oppositional movements of both humanoids and carporters.

22. Leaving the war zone. Carporters are disincorporated mid-flight as they attempt to escape the conflict.

23. In isolated areas outside of the main war zone, small pockets of humaton resistance have managed to use the cityghosts’ own glassteel tech against them. Here a cityghost stands trapped behind an makeshift Armani field; its purpose negated by contradictory ideas of beauty and perfection.

28. This baby binface has been hiding the whole time. It is afraid, but safe.

25. Greenfeelers have solidarity for unchanging homeshapes. The two exchange memories, unite and combine to fight.

26. I am stunned by a message from afar. CHURCH HOUSE is here. CHURCH HOUSE could help turn the tide of this war.

27. CHURCH HOUSE activates runespeak on nearby talkboards. ‘Please treat the trees with care’ incantation gives new power to green feelers.

28. CHURCH HOUSE energy breaks the forced labour camps and frees a million bin faces who join the struggle Overjoyed, the baby binface I previously encountered is reunited with its parental units

29. Cityghosts are in retreat. Not for ever but for now. Eternal structures and memory shapes of CHURCH HOUSE are reinstalled and reinstated in new defence of old.

30... 46? I think this is a mistake.

31. City has ended. It gives way to the sea. I have kept ambulating until the die-off; except the city is not dead. It lives and dies in paradox. 

32. City sends me a message. My mission here is accomplished; I must return to the distant bank of stars from whence I came.

33. Another communication - Alien! Rock! Thank you, city! I hope I do your story justice!

34. Initiating launch coordinates. Destination Cydonia node, Psycojog empire. I shall return to Eden Burrow in 100 cycles. Remaining now-peaceful cityghosts send me a goodbye message. It goes, 666,666, 6 66. I’m not sure what that means.

35. Final lens portion. Cityghosts drift on into the night. They raise hands in worship to all that is old, all that is new. Integration. Cities can die but they know how to survive. This one must be kept under watch, always.

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