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‘A Great Sense Of Emotionality’

full transcript of talk by ufologist H. WYLSON HURLE at Falkirk Transformation Symposium, Aug 23rd, 2013
Are we recording? Is…
(extended pause - staff adjust the microphone)
Is that it? Are we good to go? Right! Okay. Well. Hello there all of you. Good to see everyone’s made it.
Now. For those of you in the audience who aren’t quite up to speed, my name is H. Wylson Hurle. I am forty-eight years old. I have been researching the paranormal for well over seventy-two years now. Which is even more unbelievable if you take into consideration the fact that my true light body was first incarnated in the year 2136. Certain people have told me this and I promise I will tell you why later.
Now. We are going to get on to the lockstep humanoids. Now this is one of the stranger developments of recent years. They’re walking after you. When you’re on the street. Stalking you from afar, in two by two. Have you caught the reptilian slant in their eyes? The blankness! The… insouciance. I think that’s the word. They look like people – like us! But they’re not from here.
What we’re talking about this evening is – the copies. They’re clones, you see. The ones who are copied, are. They’re copies of the copies – of the original copies, who are genetic crossbreeds from the secret underground base beneath Berkshire. It’s true! I know all about this. I was a security guard down there for years. Nineteen and a half to be precise. The pay was pretty good, all things considering. I mean, it wasn’t hard work exactly – it was quite a secret base. Nobody was looking. And it was underground, so nobody ever really managed to find it. I was basically just hanging around. The worst bit was having to deal with all the extraterrestrials there.
I mean, forgive me for being blunt here but… see them giant praying mantis ones? What a bunch of absolute fucking cunts, by the way. I mean. Picture it. You’d just be down there, in the secret base, trying to go about your business doing secret things. And the bastards’d be up there. Just hanging off the roof  like fucking moths. Freaks you out, by the way. Like they’re having a laugh with us humans. Tell you what, the giant praying mantis types… don’t want to be rude, but oh, terrible conversationalists, they were. All they ever did was chirrup. Gossips, the lot of them.
Aye, well anyways, they let me go from the base for medical reasons cos I was having problems down below, if you know what I mean. It’s funny, really - because even though I was actually having problems down below… on a larger scale… I was really having ‘problems down BELOW!’
(Pause. Silence from audience)
Ha. Just my little joke. It’s true though.
But… yes. Returning us to the key thrust of this lecture, then… right. So There’s these programmable generated life forms. Which are grown underground. Trained in MK-ULTRA mind control tactics. Capable of killing a human with just their brains from six miles away. Sounds unbelievable, I know. But you’ve been shopping in Sainsbury’s, right? You’ve seen the cashiers. Oh yes! They might look cold, robotic and emotionless, but some of them are sadistic too. Sometimes they will just murder cows and horses for sport, go up to them in a field and just stand around, pouring in their corrosive mind beams until the poor defenceless animal just explodes in a meat market of decapitated limbs and gore. It really is pretty seriously awful, the things they do.
And then the lockstep humanoids will march into the effluent outcome of their carnage and crouch down in pairs to blood themselves, rubbing the splattery gore into their chiselled, perfect features. I’ve been told by a very reputable source that this is actually how they hunt on their worlds. They’re doing it here now, because of course, this ties into the wider plan, the big main story that’s going on here with the jelly.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, the jelly! Well, wait, I’ll get to that. Cos this is very important information we need to get out.
(Hurle responds to question from audience)
Where do I get my information? Ah well, you see. The question! This is the question they always ask. Well, madam. I get my information mainly from psychics. But I’m not a psychic myself. I’m a HGV driver by trade now, and it’s a provable fact that we are exactly the sort of people the controllers target for victimization, gangstalking and gaslighting. Those outside of the normal acceptable areas of life. Because that’s all part of the disinformation. They’re trying to make us all look like a bunch of paranoid loonies!
Not the illuminati people though. They don’t get any of this bother. Let me tell you!
And I can see you’re all looking a bit frightened now. Oh yes. Illuminati! Don’t pretend that word doesn’t put the willies up you. Well it’s my life I’m putting on the line here! My safety I’m compromising! The illuminati have been putting the willies on me for many, many years now.
(inaudible question from audience)
No, The lockstep humanoids don’t do much of the gangstalking themselves. Usually they’re too busy in the bases. Or out using their brains to make cats blow up. They do that as well. Now, I can see this is a key concern of people so yes, I will address it. So. Who does the stalking? Well - usually they send the supermodels.
Anne told me this the other week – she’s one of the main psychics I refer to in the book and we’ll get to that in a moment. She was at a fashion show, cos she’s involved in that. And she was told on very good authority that all supermodels – all of them, male and female – are in actuality Nordic space people from the Sirius star system. A lot of them live here now. I mean, come on now…
Have you seen them, though? Bony, expressionless zombies, storming along the catwalk in the robotic manner? That’s the lockstep thing. If anyone ever tells you they‘re ‘in fashion,’ I would just become very suspicious and just walk the other way.
Usually they’re psychically linked pairs. See, Anne thinks this is why everyone in the fashion industry is so weird. You’ll notice this in the service industry, in the supermarkets too, when the cashiers are calling over to the person at the next till to price-check an item. It’s because they’re linked. Cos they’re either nonhuman, or, at the very least… controlled by the nonhumans. I mean, why else do they dress the models like that? In all those weird clothes, that’s supposed to be what everyone cool is wearing, but all the girls are walking about topless with weird gigantic hats and see-through plastic face masks and bits of metal on their shoulders. I mean, come on… the girls have got their tits out for gods sake! And dead animals round their necks! And the men have got like, stickers on their nipples and cowboy chaps. Ever wonder why that was? Curious, is it not?
Well, I’ll tell you now! It’s because that’s how they dress on their planets of origin. They’re genetically predisposed to going about with very little or no clothes on at all! This was in the contract they signed with the clandestine new world order officials who allowed them to stay here and live and work in the bases! In exchange for their technology and knowledge, the powers-that-be agreed that a small number of them would infiltrate the fashion industry in order to slowly inculcate the wider population into becoming accustomed to the idea of their creepy, skeletal silver-clad forms walking about here! It makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it!
Anne learned most of this at a fashion show in 1987, when she was working as a seamstress for Jean Paul Gaulthier which I’d say makes her account all the more credible. One of the alien humanoids there came right up to her and actually initiated psychic mind link. Unfortunately there’s sometimes a translation issue with the direct psychic interface between humans and the Nordic space people, so usually it all just automatically gets translated into Swedish. I think this is the root of why these aliens are referred to as Nordics. Now luckily, Anne memorized all the information and had it translated later. That’s when she discovered the true facts about the jelly.
(murmurs from audience)
The jelly is a sentient, hermaphroditic, self-replicating fluidic intelligence. I have a number of sources – corroborating accounts, mind – who are firmly convinced that if you now buy jelly from the supermarket – actual, ordinary jelly – then some if that is ALIEN jelly. And if you eat it, it will migrate to the base of your brainstem and control you. Making you a zombie puppet to their terrifying whims - like something off of bodysnatchers. Jelly. I mean… We’re not safe.
Now this tale… is completely… mental. By which I mean, to an extent, it is happening on a mental level. Anne actually said to me, that once this space woman had given her this information – right at the end of it, once she’d ended the psychic link - this space woman opened her mouth and said, in English, this chilling phrase: ‘I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.’ I find that detail particularly disturbing.
And because people need to be told the reasons why they should be vigilant about these dark beings lurking in our midst, I have written this…
(Hurle holds up volume)
My fourteenth book – or it might the fifteenth, come to think of it – which is called, ‘Beyond The Unknown Within: Exploring The Exopolitical Paradigm of Intra-Transient Communications.’ I know, that must sound like a bit of a mouthful for you all out there, but I feel you need to get the material out there. So, I’d just like to give you all an exclusive preview of some of the things I go into in this volume. I further detail the accounts of Anne, who is, I’d suggest, quite a seminal witness. Her experiences with the Nordics have seen her channelling abilities develop quite dramatically. Although I hear this is giving her some problems with her television, as it keeps jumping from BBC4 to the Adult Channel for some reason. And let’s face it, nobody wants that. Just more mind games from the Nordics, they love a bit of mind games!
Now Anne’s a very religious woman, as those of you who’ve read her book will know. I write about her book in my book, but naturally I give the story some fresh insight. Last year – and I write about this in very great depth – Anne would be visited every night of the week by a being. Now, this being was not in solid form as we would know it, this was a spiritual energy. And we don’t know if its intentions were entirely benevolent. This being would come to Anne, entering her bedroom. Except not all of the body would be visible. Sometimes it was just a floating male head – although more often than not, usually just the crotchal region, which was just the area around the hips. The apparition would never possess an upper half, the torso area, but yet somehow, still it would be wearing a bra. Which was to put it mildly, a very unusual state of affairs, make no mistake. And as this being entered the room, Anne would find herself overcome with a great sense of emotionality. And with her strong beliefs regarding the Bible, the power of this being… she told me, folks, with tears streaming down her face… she felt high and she was vibrating with the love energy. And it was as if Christ had somehow come inside her – as if he was putting his love inside her!
But of course, not everyone can be open to these experiences. For Anne would try again and again to tell her husband Frank about this… and every time she would talk to him, a glazed and vacant expression came over his face and it was as if he wasn’t paying attention to anything she was saying. Now, I’ve noticed this effect happening before and I can only surmise that this is the aliens actively preventing people from getting their message out into the world via their devious mind control.
I must also mention the story of an anonymous gentleman called Henry Clark, who is absolutely convinced that he has courted and subsequently fathered a son with an alien woman – although Henry sees his child very infrequently. They come from very different worlds – literally. He’s had to move to Birmingham for work and they’re on a planet called Eera-Ook in the Pleiades. Apparently the commute’s a nightmare and the faster-than-light travel makes him carsick. Well, it would, you know?
And just to conclude this part for now, there’s the testimonial of Karl McHugh, which is a deeply fascinating story. Karl McHugh is an alias by the way, although I’m spelling his first and second names differently in order to protect his identity. His first conscious encounter took place roughly three weeks ago and luckily I managed to get it into the book at the last minute.
So. Karl was out, innocently walking his Chihuahuas in the local park, when all of a sudden he has this feeling, which will be quite familiar to a lot of you, I think, of being ‘activated.’ In fact, Karl told me he was ‘turned on.’ So now, he feels strangely drawn to a particular area of town. Before you know it, he was outside a glowing archway which he now with hindsight thinks must have been their ship. As if in a trance, he stepped on board the vessel and found himself in a dark, ominous environment, utterly alien to his experience. All around were strange flashing lights and this pounding industrial rhythmic noise - almost like music!
At this point Karl was approached by a number of Nordic alien males, who were engaged in an eerie occult dance which he said was quite queer to behold. His primary recollection was that most of them were incredibly muscular and dressed in leather – which seems to be quite a common uniform for them. Some had moustaches, which is less common in witness reports… but these ones did. Some of them, also, were very androgynous in appearance - I mean, with these beings, you just can’t tell what they are!
One of them presented Karl with an unusual fizzing potion that made him feel unexpectedly dizzy. Now he was in an altered state, very much in thrall to their whims. That’s the mind control in action again, by the way…
Karl remembers very little after he was encouraged to partake of the strange drink, but his next conscious recollection was waking up behind a bush, back in the park where the encounter had first begun, with his Chihuahuas still there and looking at him in a state of very deep confusion. Although, after returning home weary and exhausted, Karl did find a souvenir from his experience in his jacket pocket. And I have this artefact from another world with me tonight, ladies and gentlemen. And here… it is.
(HURLE produces the object)
Now, what I believe we’re looking at here is some very sophisticated stuff. I will soon be approaching some proper actual scientists to see if they can have a look at this and verify whether or not this device is in fact made out of materials not common to Earth. Our suspicion is that this is either a small scale model of the alien vessel, or perhaps even some kind of power source.
(The device begins to vibrate)
And – oh… ladies and gentlemen, this is quite disturbing – this machine suddenly seems to be coming into activation… and – good grief… the shaft of it… is vibrating! Quite rapidly! Ladies and gentlemen… I do believe we might all right now be experiencing… a new vibration of humanity!
(various sounds of movement as guests leave the hall)

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